Brooklyn Robot Foundry Field Trip

  • Today we went on our field trip to Brooklyn Robot Foundry in Tribeca. When we arrived, we met our teachers Emma, Glynis, and Sara Beth. Emma read Adrien's Robot. It was about a boy, Adrien, who built a robot out of recycled materials. Leo commented, "My dad built a robot out of newspaper." The robot, DJ, had antennae. Louis commented, "Some insects have antennae!" After the book, we started building our own robots named DJ after the main character from the story. Some of the recycled materials we used to make our robots were: foam shapes, buttons, beads, popsicle sticks, sequins, straws, googly eyes, cubes, and lanyard. After, we attached a battery pack to the antennae to light up the fly guy! Next we made parachutes for DJ with pipe cleaners, a plastic bag, tape, and a cup. Last we decorated our parachutes and then we flew them in the wind tunnels! Each student left with their parachutes and passengers and a better understanding of circuits, axels, and lift and drag.  
  • Check out a short video of the parachutes in the wind tunnel! 

Color Dice Game - Which color did you roll the most?

  • Arun: Green is in the lead. Green is gonna win.
  • Cole: It's a tie with purple and red.


  • Beading
    • Mia: A necklace for Artemis Bear.

Rhyming Puzzle

  • Tessa, Zachary, Colin, and Mishaan worked together to complete all of the rhyming word pairs! Then we read each pair and listened for the rhyme.