Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Pete the Cat and the New Guy
    • The Adventures of Chocolate Milk by Pre-K

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K! 

  • We did a skip greeting today, greeting every 4th student until everyone was greeted!
  • Today we will go to Washington Market park. What type of animals might we see there? 
    • Dylan: Squirrel! 
    • Tessa: Chipmunk. 
    • Louis: Lions don't like the Arctic because it's too cold.
    • Zachary: Pigeons are always at the playground. 
    • Artemis: Polar bears live in the cold. 
    • David John: I saw a tiger at the zoo. It was walking to another habitat. It was too small.
    • Colin: One time at the zoo I saw polar bears but it was really sunny. 
    • Adlai: Bats don't like to eat animals.
    • Della: One time I saw a real chipmunk upstate. 
    • Ines: Squirrels at the park.
    • Cole: Birds! 


  • Washington Market Park
    • Della: We're statues because the boys are chasing us. 
    • Charley: We're eating the piegeons.
    • Mia: We're making a leaf pile because the leaves aren't on the trees anymore. 
    • Mishaan: It looks like it's going to snow!
    • Cole: Summer is gone, winter is up! 

French with Florence.

  • Today we had French with Florence. We started our lesson with the Bonjour song. Then Dylan counted all of the students in French. After we rolled the body parts dice and sung Hokey Pokie in French. We finished our lesson with the Au Revoir song. 


  • Building clay animals. 
    • Mishaan: It takes a lot of time to make a bear because it's big. 
    • Ines: A rock is on the pig.


  • Dice counting graph game. 
    • Louis: I saw the four dots for 4, then there was one more dot in the middle so I knew it was 5. But I think 3 is going to win!
    • Cole: My threes are totally winning.
    • Pearl: All of the numbers will win. 

Block building 

  • Zachary: We made a bridge! I made this part and Mishaan made this part.