Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Giraffes Can't Dance!
    • Astonishing Animals, ABCs

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Animals Lovers! 

  • The Roaring Greeting
    • Keeping a steady beat while roaring like lions makes for an exciting greeting! 
  • Group Activity: You like that Zoo Animal? Me, Too! 
    • Mishaan: I like Penguins because I like watching them swim.
    • Artemis: Seagulls because they jump up and say hi in their own way.
    • Charley: I like the big cats because they roar so loud.
    • Dylan: Gorillas are my favorite because they climb up on trees and jump very high and they pick bananas without jumping. 
    • Louis: I like the big cats because they climb trees, 
    • Colin: I like monkeys because they watch bats upside down. 
    • Zachary: Lions are my favorite zoo animal because they run really fast. 
    • Jay: Cheetahs because they are fast! 
    • Tessa: Gorillas because they pound on chest.
    • Mia: Giraffes because they can reach the leaves. 
    • Leo: I like monkeys because they swing. I like climbing and monkeys like climbing. 
    • Della: Bunny because they have soft fur. 
    • Fjola: Monkeys because they eat bananas. 
    • Ines: Giraffes, they eat trees. 
    • Cole: Cheetahs are my favorite because they run really really fast. 
    • Adlai: I like bats because they hang upside down and they can fly. 


  • French with Florence
    • Today we had french with Florence. We started our lesson with the Bonjour song. Then we counted to seventeen in french. After we rolled a big dice with different body parts on each side and did the hokey pokey in french! We ended our lesson with the Au Revoir song. 


  • Muddy Animals Prints
  • Today we made animal prints with our pretend animals. The children jumped right into the messy fun! The cat, horse, and gorilla were all first to take a roll in the mud. It wasn't long until all the animals left their little prints everywhere! 
    • Cole: It's a cat! 
    • Tessa: Horse prints! 
    • Dylan: I made gorilla prints like a real gorilla. 
    • Louis: Gorilla prints are the biggest. 
  • Animal Painting 
    • Mia: My giraffe has a crown and a cape. 
    • Charley: A lion in the sun!
    • Fjola: That's the giraffe eating a tree. 


  • Flubber -Cole brought in homemade flubber he made over the weekend. The children really enjoyed this, thanks Cole and Rebecca! 
    • Jay: It's a pancake! 
    • Pearl: I'm a cookie monster.
    • Tessa: I made a blue ice pop. 
    • Mia: Mix! Mix! 
    • Fjola: Let's mix sparkles! 
    • Cole: We're making a big flat pancake. 
    • Charley: We're about to make a blue cake. 
  • Water Bead Potion 
    • Della: It's a magical potion that will make us fly! 
    • Pearl: It feels like a pool, but smells like sea weed. 
    • Della: Rain fall! 
    • Pearl: Rainbow! 

Individual Block Building 

  • Mishaan: Me and Colin know how to connect them, build a bridge! 
  • Charley: We're making a castle. 
  • Dylan: This is a road for Adlai's car and it goes into a castle. 
  • Adlai: There's 3 roads for car to get exercise, but here's a house there are 3 rooms. I'm still building it. 

Light Table 

  • Leo: I'm making a castle house. I'm only using squares because I want to make a square castle house. 
  • Jay: Look! You need two of these to make squares. 
  • Leo: I made a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom.