• Language and Literacy 
    • Book
      • The Snowy Day 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K! 

  • What are your holiday plans? 
    • Louis: Today I'm going to France for holiday! 
    • Charley: I'm going to Canada after my birthday. 
    • Arun: I'm going to Tolsa for Christmas to see my Grammy. Grammy is mommy's mom. 
    • Zachary: I'm going to Pennsylvania but I don't have a stocking there. 
    • Alexander: After christmas I'm going to the Bahamas. 
    • Fjola: I go ice skating. 
    • Jay: I don't go anywhere. 
    • Cole: I am going to grandma's house and staying there for a while. 
    • Pearl: I don't know. 
    • Tessa: I'm going to Woodlock to celebrate christmas because theres so many trees there. 
    • Artemis: Tomorrow i'm going on vacation to Toronto. 
    • Ines: On Christmas eve I go ice skating. 
    • Colin: After Christmas I'm going to San Diego to swim in the pool. 


  • Easel Painting
    • Pearl: It's a Charley tree. 
    • Charley: It's me, Pearl, and Tessa. 
    • Tessa: Monster and a dinosaur! 


  • Louis: The small blocks and the medium blocks are used for power. They make the car goes faster. 


  • Pearl: It looks like a shirt. 

Happy Birthday, Charley!

  • We had a Monster Mash themed birthday party for Charley in the afternoon. Charley's family came in to celebrate. Charley's mom, Sara, read The Monster Mash, and we all danced to the song. Then students made their own monsters. We ate cupcakes that looked like monster eyeballs. It was a wonderful party!