Language and Literacy 

  • Greeting
    • We changed the words to "Jump in the Water." Instead, we sang:
      • Spin like a dreidel [student's name], twirl twirl twirl.
        Fall down to the ground, gimel gimel gimel
      • "Gimel" is the Hebrew letter that means that you get to take all the tokens from the pot.
  • Books
    • The Polar Express


  • Paper Bag Vests 
    • David John: I am a robot. Dylan and Tessa are my masters and I do whatever they say. 
  • Holiday Cards
    • Louis: I wrote Merry Christmas!
    • Pearl: I drew my whole family


  • Mishaan: This is a garbage station. 
  • Colin: This is all the garbage people put down and it turns into water. 
  • Mishaan: Fire station is a symbol, so everyone knows what kind of station it is. 
  • Louis: It's a garbage station. 
  • Alex: That's a lot of garbage. 
  • Mishaan: Louis and Alexander had this idea! 

Light Table 

  • Tessa:  We're making a city with star wars people in it. 
  • Jay: It's a dog house the dog is in here. 

Playing Dreidel 

  • Mia: We're pretending these are chocolate chip coins. 


  • Charley: This is a flower machine. It can turn anything in flowers. 
  • Della: It's a flower market! 


  • Tessa: A lovely staff! 

Chocolate Milk Observations 

  • Alexander: Only one friend can be in the loft because chocolate milk is already up there.