Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Hot Rod Hamster. 
    • Color Zoo
  • Songs 
    • Animals on the Bus. 
    • Letter Bingo

Morning Meeting: Happy Friday Pre-K!

  • Who lives at the zoo? 
    • Ines: Chocolate Milk. 
    • Colin: The Zoo keeper.
    • Adlai: Cows
    • Artemis: Animals.
    • Della: Lions.
    • Charley: Chocolate Milk.
    • Pearl: Wolves live at the zoo.
    • Dylan: Cheetah's live at the zoo.
    • David John: Giraffes!
    • Cole: Gorillas! 
    • MIshaan: Penguins.
    • Zachary: baby Jaguars. 
    • Alexander: sheep.
    • Louis: Tigers live at the zoo!
    • Leo: Moneys do too!
    • Fjola: Giraffes.
    • Mia: Giraffes. 
    • Arun: Lions and Zebras, my dad is a lion tamer. 
    • Tessa: Baby turtles. 
    • Jay: I live close to the zoo. 


  • Arun: I want to write silver power ranger in my notebook.
  • Tessa: I will write I hope you have a great Christmas.  


  • Easel Painting - A Few of Chocolate Milk's Favorite Things. 
    • Tessa: This is a painting of Chocolate Milk and her favorite toy, the raccoon. 
    • Artemis: Chocolate Milk likes when I bring her to the park because her friends are there too. 
    • David John: Chocolate Milk likes to go to the under water pipe and then escape. 
  • Self Portraits
    • Leo: It's me in the gym!
    • Artemis: The heart is pumping the home.
    • Della: I'm looking at the flower. The sun is looking at me, and the flower is thinking about the sun.
    • Ines: That's Santa, and I'm waiting for Santa!
  • Punching holes in paper
    • Tessa used the hole punchers to make a border on her paper, and then she drew a picture inside. 
    • Mia: I'm going to make a big circle!

Building Tracks

  • Arun: It's a laser beam sword. 

Hollow Blocks

  • Louis: I'm making a secret hideout. This car can go backwards and forward and everywhere. 

Music with Isabella

  • Today we had music with Isabella. We started our lesson with the Hello say your name song. Then we sang the Simple Simon song. We tried to keep the beat as we sang: Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair. Each student had a turn keeping the beat on the xylophone. We got a preview of next week's lesson about Tubby the Tuba.