Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Silver Spurs -Leo's Mom Sylvia came in to read this christmas story to us today. 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Kind Hearted Children! Today, we had our kindness jar party. For each act of kindness we witnessed a friend doing since we introduced the jar in November, we dropped a pom pom in the jar! Today, the jar is finally full and we had our hot chocolate party! 

  • Name an act of kindness you witnessed at school or at home recently:  
    • Charley: This morning I was so cold walking to school so mommy hugged me to make sure I was warm. 
    • Della: I like school!
    • Artemis: My brother hugs me all the time. 
    • Leo: My mom reads me a book at night time, she always reads sleeping beauty. 
    • Jay: When I come back from school my mom hugs me. 
    • Louis: When I was at home I gave my mom a kiss. 
    • Tessa: I like school.
    • Cole: My mom puts notes in my lunch. 
    • Pearl: I love school so much! 
    • Mishaan: This morning my brother gave me so many hugs!
    • Zachary: One of Hudson's baby friends gave me so many hugs I almost fell down. 
    • Fjola: Last night Valdi told me he loved me. 
    • Arun: When Mommy let me have chocolate chip cookies. 
    • Dylan: My mommy gives me kisses when she gets home from work. 
    • Colin: I love school!
    • Adlai: I love my whole entire family
    • David John: When I asked my mom at breakfast she gave me a kiss on the cheek. 


  • Building our Zoo 
    • Charley: This is a leaf for baby birds to come in and this is a home for an alligator. 

Light table 

  • Jay: Im making a big stack with all the squares in the world. 


  • Charley: We're building an airport. 
  • Arun: All the animals need to go somewhere so we're putting them at the airport. 

Bring a toy from home day 

  • Tell us about your toy: 
    • Artemis: My piggies can stand up, sit down, and turn around. 
    • Mishaan: This is Barnacle from Octonauts. He drives the Gup and he can hang on the anchor. 
    • Tessa: I got two things. I go to the zoo and and there was baby snow leopards. This one is from a craft fair. I saw this unicorn. Someone knitted the whole thing. Its legs can move. 
    • Leo: My toy's not even a toy. It's a real dump truck that can open and close. 
    • Pearl: I brought a little puppy to school. I lost it, maybe it's in the block area. 
    • Adlai: This car is a special car. It's called Destroyer. It can shoot two bullets out. 
    • Cole: It's a ninja turtle. It can turn it's head backwards. It's arms and legs can move.
    • Jay: It's an orange and black slinky.
    • Alexander: It's a motorcycle without wheels. 
    • Fjola: A long long time ago I buy this owl at a store. 
    • Zachary: this guy is from a movie and his name is Chewbaca. He can move his arms all the way around, and he has a little backpack. 
    • Charley: My mommy bought this alligator from New Orleans. Also in New Orleans they eat alligators.
    • Louis: This toy is not really a toy. It can transform into a dinosaur. It has claws. 
    • Colin: This is my owl, and it flew away and then it flew back. Its name is Pinky. 
    • Della: It's a Olaf. It glows, but it shows better in the night. 
    • Dylan: This is Mali from Moana. He's a shape shifter and he can turn into any animal. 
    • David John: This is a truck. It's a Hess truck. It brings gas to other trucks. And it can drive backwards and forwards. 

Music with Isabella

  • Hello, say your name
  • High/Low Game - When Isabella played a low note, students had to crouch down low. When Isabella played a high note, students had to reach up high. 
  • Tubby the Tuba - We heard more of the story of Tubby, who wanted to play the melody in the music.