• Language and Literacy
  • Books
    • Ally-Saurus and the First Day of School - Thank you, Artemis, for bringing this fun book to school!
    • The Gingerbread Boy. 
    • The Story of the Nutcracker

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Treasure Hunters! 

  • Greeting song: Jump in the water! 


Today we decorated our new art folders. These folders will be kept in the classroom and filled with each child's artwork throughout the rest of the school year. 

  • Adlai: I made a green and blue shoe because I have green and blue shoes. 
  • Fjola: That's a rocket ship and that's a flower. 
  • Mia: I made a picture for mommy on mine. 
  • Colin: I'm coloring in the shoe!

Beading and ornaments

  • Arun: I made a pattern! Green, red, green red, green, red! 
  • Adlai: This time I'm using a green bead and a blue. 

Bell ornaments for our christmas tree. 

  • Dylan: Can we have a Christmas parade? We can shake bells and sing Christmas songs. I hung my jingle bell on the tree. 

Light Table 

  • Dylan: I'm making a spaceship that can go under water and fly all the way up to space. 
  • Alexander: It's a really big spaceship. 

Watercolor Painting

  • Adlai: I'm going to use all the colors.

Board Games 

  • Chutes and Ladders 
    • Arun: Hey guys this is the biggest ladder. 
    • Tessa: Don't go backwards! 
    • Ines: I need to go 5. 
    • Dylan: You have to get up here! That's how you win. 

Dramatic Play 

  • Pearl, Louis, Della, and Charley hunted all over the classroom for treasures! 


  • Leo: We're making a police hideout station.
  • Jay: Yeah, a police officer home.

Movement: Soccer with Zach

  • Today during soccer, we pretended to make snowmen. First students stood on their tippy toes and flipped the small cones over. Then we pretended that the soccer balls were snow and the soccer goals were Igloos. Then coach Zach asked the students, what are Igloos?
    • Mishaan: People live in igloos. 
    • Charley: An igloo is an ice shelter.
    • Mia: For penguins! 
    • Tessa: For polar bears!
    • Dylan: Walrus live in the igloos. 
  • After, we rolled the balls onto the small cones and used the tall cones as hats for the snowmen!