Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • The Three Bears Christmas!
  • Songs 
    • Frosty the Snowman. 

Today we walked to West Broadway and Leonard Street to get our classroom Christmas tree! 

  • Christmas Tree Observations: 
    • Dylan: It needs water to grow!
    • Cole: It's the tiniest tree I've ever seen.
    • Leo: I have seen a even smaller tree.
    • Artemis: The top of it is really big. 
    • David John: It looks like its growing fruits right here. 
    • Mishaan: Maybe pineapples. 
    • Mia: My tree at home has a point like this! Can I pet it?
    • Della: My tree can reach my ceiling. My mom and me and my sister had to carry it home. 
    • Pearl: The tree is a little bit prickly. 
    • Colin: Now our classroom looks like christmas because of the tree and the snowflakes on the windows. 
    • Fjola: We can put decorations on it. 

How should we decorate our tree?

  • David John: Ornaments!
  • Cole: We should use metal to make ornaments. 
  • Dylan: Santa and reindeer ornaments! 
  • Artemis: We can put a star at the top. 
  • Adlai: I want to put green stuff on it. 

Building a zoo

  • Mishaan: Can we put chocolate milk in the zoo?
  • Colin: Maybe we can put all of the chocolate milk's in it?
  • Tessa: These are the trees for the zoo. 
  • Fjola: It's a boat with a duck in it. 
  • Mia: A dinosaur card board cave for the zoo! 
  • Colin: I'm making animal holes so the animals can go inside the animal holes. 

Animal Habitat Game 

  • Louis: What animal starts with P and lives in ice? Yes, a puffin. A puffin and penguin are different because of their wings. 

Dramatic Play 

  • Charley: We're pretending to be unicorns that can transform into any animals. 
  • Pearl: And we're very hungry.