Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra
    • The Adventures of Chocolate Milk
  • Songs
    • Hello Everybody, Glad to See You
    • All Around the Circle
  • Morning Meeting - What do you want for the holidays?
    • Tessa: Aqua beads.
    • Leo: Cole's kind of shoes and the trains in airports.
    • Pearl: Gems and princesses.
    • Adlai: I always wish for the dragon's egg.
    • Cole: This money machine. You put money inside, and then when you need it, it comes out.
    • Jay: Hot wheels.
    • Mia: Two trolls, one is Branch and one is called Poppy. They have two rings. And a pogo stick.
    • Fjola: I want a tiger with a pink nose, and it's orange with black stripes.
    • Zachary: I want a pair of the game shoes for Christmas and a panda set.
    • Charley: A princess dolly and a Poppy troll hat. 
    • Louis: I want all the hot wheels.
    • Colin: I want a Santa's costume and a playmobile police station.
    • Della: A real chameleon. My grandma is going to get me one.
    • Dylan: Kung Fu panda with a hideout.
    • Ines: A cotton candy machine.
    • David John: A green helicopter and a purple plane and a car set and books and stuffies.
    • Artemis: A doll house and some dolls.
    • Mishaan: Cole's game shoe and some ninja turtles.


  • Coffee Filter Snowflakes with Watercolors
    • Louis: Look at my snowflake! I did it!
  • Drawing on white boards
    • Della: It's a slide!
    • Charley: It's Artemis and me and Della playing in the park.
    • Artemis: Mine is a house.
  • Painting the base of our zoo
    • Louis: This is where the animals are.
    • Cole: This is where the gorillas are.
    • Mishaan: This is the path that goes through the zoo.


  • Cole: We want to make a sewer, not a train, a sewer.
  • Mishaan: This is the big machine that connects the parts. It makes sure it moves it away.

Dramatic Play

  • Dylan: This is the ice hockey stadium. And this is the house for the hockey player.
  • Alexander: Here is the hockey puck.
  • Dylan: This is the goal right here.
  • Alexander: Goal!!!!!


  • Animal Habitat Puzzle
    • Louis: This is an orca whale.

French with Florence

  • Bonjour song
  • Florence taught us how to talk about feelings in French. We learned how to say happy, sad, mad, surprised, afraid, and shy. Florence made different faces, and students had to guess who she was feeling in French.
  • We listened to music that had different moods associated with it. We talked about how the music made us feel.
  • Finally, we read a book about how different animals make us feel.
  • Au Revoir song


  • In the gym, students took turns performing a "special skill." We stood in a circle, and one at a time, students walked onto the purple mat and shared their skill. They did somersaults, cartwheels, dance moves, and other exciting movements. Then we had free play.