Today we walked to Pamper-Ur-Pets on West Broadway to get our bunny Chocolate Milk treats and a toy. When we arrived we found several toys that we thought Chocolate Milk might like so we took a vote. 2 friends voted for the owl plush animal, 3 friends voted for the cow, and 12 friends voted for the raccoon! After, we brought the rabbit treats and the plush raccoon back to school for our favorite classroom bunny! 


  • Today we had music with Evan. We started our lesson with the wake up song. Then Evan asked what should we eat? 
    • Dylan: We should dig in the dirt for worms!
    • Arun: Put strawberries and apples together then drink it. 
    • Louis: Lets eat flowers!
  • After we sang the Train song. Then Evan told us the story of Shoebie. When Shoebie didn't go to sleep when her dad asked she turned into a chocolate turtle! 
  • We ended our lesson with the goodbye song. 

Language and Literacy 

  • Books 
    • The Adventures of Chocolate Milk! by Pre-K - We finally finished our book about Chocolate Milk's adventures. Reading all the pages together was very exciting. Everyone felt proud of the page that they created.
    • The Recess Queen. 
  • Songs
    • Popcorn on a Train
    • Switch On, Switch Off - Mr. Scott


  • Self Portraits 
    • Colin: Legs, shoes, t-shirt, no pants, hair, eyes. 
    • Charley: This is me holding an umbrella in the rain with my two pets, a unicorn and a doggy. 
    • Arun: This is Emily screaming when Chocolate Milk ran into her feet. And I'm laughing in the corner. 
    • Pearl: Chocolate Milk has a mouth and a tongue and lots of fur. 
    • Cole: I have a mohawk. 
    • Louis: It's a double rainbow. 
    • Alexander: My shirt is rolled up in my picture. 
  • Paper Collages
    • Arun: It's a T-Rex. It has legs and I need to draw a face.


  • Colorful blocks 
    • Arun and Pearl made a rainbow.