Today we had soccer with Zach. First we sang the Super Soccer Stars song. Then coach Zack asked Pre-K if we wanted to make cupcakes! Each student kicked the ball (cupcake) into the goal (oven). While the cupcakes were baking in the oven, we used our soccer skills to place the wrappers (flat cones) around the gym. When the cupcakes were finished "baking" we took them out of the oven and placed them in the wrappers (flat cones) with our feet. Next, we decorated our cupcakes with sprinkles (tall cones). After we kicked all our cupcakes in the goal. Last we cleaned up our cupcake mess! 

Language and Literacy 

  • Greeting
    • Students played the xylophone as they said good morning to their neighbor.
  • Books 
    • How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends? -David John brought this book in to share with the class. 
    • Duck on a Bike. 
  • Games 
    • Bug in the Rug


  • Painting with shaving cream and water colors! 
    • Louis: I have so much shaving cream on my paint brush! That's a mountain world. 
    • Pearl: Rainbow!
    • Tessa: There's a rainbow on my picture.
    • Charley: This is me and this is Sammy and the rain is falling colors!
    • Della: It's a rainbow. 
    • Ines: I'm making a volcano. 
    • David John: I love this kind of paint. It's a picture of a stormy storm on the north pole.
  • Self Portraits 
    • Fjola: Daddy's a walking potato head. 
    • Alexander: I am a dot.
    • Adlai: I traced my airplane. I am a dot inside.