Language and Literacy 

Mia's dad Arturo came back to read to us today. He read The Rainbow Fish and The Artist who Painted a Blue Horse. He also read a story from Mia's journal, that she created herself! After, we all danced to music from the Trolls movie. Thanks Arturo!

Newscaster of the Day: Leo

Leo: I had to walk down 15 flights of stairs this morning before school. 

Questions and comments form the class 

  • Cole:  My dad got stuck in the elevator when it was his birthday.
  • Colin: Did the firemen come?
    • Leo: Yes!
  • Zachary: Why did you walk down the stairs?
    • Leo: The elevator was broken and they wanted to see how strong I was. 


  • Paper plate spirals 
    • Louis: I used green and blue.
  • Self Portraits 
    • Pearl: This is Alice and me. 
    • Cole: This is my dad and I am kicking him. 
    • Mia: I have long hair. It goes round and round like Rapunzel. 
    • Artemis: I made me dressing as Elsa going on Halloween.
    • Charley: I have whiskers and I have butterflies on my shirt and stripes on my skirt. 
    • Ines: Me and a rainbow!

Today we had our French lesson with Florence. We started our lesson with the Bonjour song. Then we counted to eighteen in French. After we played the days of the week game. 

After our French lesson we walked to Washington Market Park! We had a great time climbing the monkey bars, sliding down the slide, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.