Language and Literacy 

  • Books 
    • Are We There Yet? -Cole brought this book in to share. 

Morning Meeting: Happy Friday Everyone!

  • We played a game called "Coseeki." One student had to guess who the leader was as the leader changed movements that the whole class was following. 

Newscaster of the Day: Colin

  • Colin: Today I'm going to get my flu shot. I'm really scared about it. I'm going to get it in the afternoon.

Questions and Comments from the Class 

  • Fjola: Why do you have to get a shot? 
    • Colin: So I don't get the flu. 
  • Tessa: I got a flu shot. I cried 
  • David John: How far is the hospital? What street is it on? 
    • Colin: The doctor is across the street from my building, so I just have to go across the street. 
  • Cole: I got one, do you  want to see it? It's a dot. I didn't cry but my sister did she's 6.
  • Leo: What kinds of things did they use to help you? 
    • Colin: Just a shot. And they will probably check my heart. 
  • Artemis: When people get shots it really hurts them. 
  • Mishaan: Once I had a flu shot and it hurt a little, not so much. 
  • Alexander: One shot doesn't hurt, an electric shot. 
    • Colin: It's called a flu shot, not an electric shot. 
  • Della: When I get a flu shot I don't cry.
  • Arun: I got a shot, I got really scared but it was so short. So you don't have to feel scared. 
    • Colin: I have a book and sister bear didn't even have time to say ow. 
  • Mia: I had a shot and I was scared a little bit. 
  • Zachary: When I have a shot, I don't cry. 
  • Colin wanted a "Marshmallow clap" cheer for being the newscaster.

Storytelling: The Adventures of Chocolate Milk -Part Two 

  • Tessa: When the boat got back to land, she ran to the forest to hide. 
  • Louis: Then she saw a crocodile. Then she climbed a tree. 
  • Alexander: Then she climbed back down. 
  • Pearl: She ran back to Pre-K and saw a rainbow and the sun as she ran back to New York City. 
  • Arun: But didn't she know that wasn't supposed to be happening? it was just Halloween and people were dressing up like that. 
  • Adlai: Then there was a big beautiful rainbow, and another one and another one, and another one. 
  • Jay: Then she took a plane to London. 
  • To be continued...


  • Self Portraits 
    • Arun: I made myself as an Alien.
  • Drawing how the music sounds and how it makes you feel. 

Mathematics and Science

  • Force and Motion activity set. 
    • Students experimented with different ways to move objects. They used wind, slides, and pendulums.

Light Table with Magna-Tiles 

  • Cole: It's a rocket!
  • Zachary: This is a two thousand space ship. 
  • David John: Blaster rocket! 

Music with Isabella 

Today we had music with Isabella. We started our lesson with the Hello dear friends song. We showed Isabella the drawings we made while listening to the kangaroo song. Students had drawn how the music sounds and how they felt. Then we clapped, tapped, snapped, and patted our knees to the beat of the different songs Isabella played for us. The songs had variations of long and short sounds. Next we pretended to be turtles, and we moved around to very slow music. Then we pretended to be flies and flew around to fast music. We sang our goodbye song very slowly and then very quickly.