Morning Meeting: Shoe Greeting

  • Everyone was instructed to bring just one of their shoes to our Morning Meeting circle. After briefly observing everyone's shoe, we took them off and piled them in the center of the circle. Students took turns choosing one shoe and asking a friend if it belongs to them. If it did, they greeted each other and the next student got a turn. Everyone was able to guess the owner of the shoe on their first guess! Cole noticed that it felt easy to do this. We discussed that we know each other well now, and we even know what shoes everyone has!


  • Animal Collages
    • Arun: It's a lion! It's walking on a rock.
    • Charley: I'm making a lion that will eat you up!
    • Della: I love bunnies!
    • Charley: So you can make the tail.
    • Della: That's so cute!
    • Pearl: I like bunnies and pigs.
    • David John: I made a yak!
    • Fjola: A lion! 
    • Mia: A dragon with an egg!

Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • The Day the Crayons Quit - Thank you Colin for bringing this book for us to read!
    • Roar of a Snore
  • Letter Bingo

Dramatic Play

  • Jay: The dinosaurs are migrating to Africa.
  • Alexander: Some dinosaurs can swim!
  • David John: The yaks are migrating too.
  • Jay: You have to swim for 100 hours.
  • Alexander: Then I can swim to South Africa.
  • Mia: We're playing family.

Soccer with Coach Zach

  • Today during soccer, we pretended to paint houses. First, students kicked cones as far as they could. Next, students had to "wake up" the houses using their feet. Then they painted the houses using soccer balls as paintbrushes. This involved a lot of control, weaving in and out of the cones and stopping the ball on the paint patches, then by a house, and then washing it off in the water to switch colors.