Today Mishaan's mom, Anjana, came in to celebrate Diwali with us! First she explained to us that Diwali or "Festival of Lights" is an Indian Holiday to celebrate the New Year. Then she read Lots of Lights and The Diwali Gift.  We learned that on Diwali, we are thankful for the good things in our lives and think about how to be even better in the next year. We made diyas out of paper with paper flames to represent the candles. Students talked about what they hope for in the coming year. We also tasted some delicious Diwali treats. Thank you for coming in and sharing with us, Anjana!


  • Self Portrait
    • Louis: I'm pretending there's an insect on my head! 
  • Ary Dry Clay
    • Dylan: I'm making the moon and the sun. They got destroyed by an evil monster. 
    • Arun: I made a twisty thing!

Light Box in Sensory Room 

  • Leo: Jay's sunbathing! 

Drawing and Stamps in Sensory Room

  • Della: Look Tic tac toe!
  • Arun: Look, I made a baby bird. 

Water table 

  • Zachary: The red fish are the sharks. 
  • Fjola: The yellow are the nice princess flower fishers. 
  • Mia: The pink are princess flowers. They make the flowers bloom and they all wear necklaces. 

Sand table

  • Mishaan: I'm building a sand castle.
  • Tessa: I'm finding the jewels.
  • David John: I love all the jewels!


  • Aka Baka Soda Cracker game -Children chant a silly rhyme, jump, and make predictions. 

Today we had Music with Evan. Our music lesson started with the wake up song! Next we reviewed the Blow the Balloon song from last week. Then we sang a song about taking a train with different animals--a mouse, a cow, and a dog. We also sang about a mouse in our house and in our sandwich! We sang our goodbye song and said thank you to Evan.

Storytelling: The Adventures of Chocolate Milk

  • Emily: One day a bunny arrived in the Pre-K class. The Pre-K students named her Chocolate Milk.
  • Cole: Zachary called her name, and Zachary wanted his name to be Chocolate Milk. Chocolate Milk didn't go to Zachary. She went to other friends.
  • Mishaan: Then Colin and Cole wanted to play with Chocolate Milk, but she got scared and ran away. Cole and Colin realized they had to be quiet to play with her.
  • David John: Chocolate Milk was taken to a hot desert. She said, "Ooowee, this is a hot desert, all right!" Desert Louis put her in a bag and threw her away in the desert.
  • Artemis: Chocolate Milk hopped out of the trashcan and on a bus. She took the bus to a hotel near the ocean.
  • Ines: Chocolate Milk ran into bad guys at the hotel. Then she ran back to Pre-K.
  • Zachary: She was on a boat back to Pre-K, when the pirates followed her. Luckily, Zachary was with her to fight away 100 bad guys for 100 hours.
  • Leo: Then she kicked the bad guys back to the ocean.