Today, we made edible Christmas tree ornaments with Alexander's mom, Nina. First each child had a turn combining flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon, beaten eggs, honey, and butter into a food processor until it was blended. After, Nina had each child cut out a pastry shape of their choice and then we baked them in the oven for 20 minutes. Last, we decorated our ornaments with frosting and sprinkles for the children to take home! The ornaments can be displayed in your home, hang on your christmas tree, or be eaten. This was such a fun holiday activity. Thanks Nina!

Language and Literacy 

  • Books 
    • Caps for Sale
      • Students used instruments to be the different characters in this story. Colin, Ines, and Cole used drum sticks to be the peddler. They hit the sticks together to sound like the peddler talking. When the peddler got louder, the banging got louder. The rest of the students used maracas to be the monkeys. When the monkeys got louder, the shaking got louder too. It was exciting to add an interactive musical element to our read aloud. 


  • Holiday Card Decorations 
    • Louis: I'm drawing an orange snow cover with animals inside. They're called double color rainbows! They're full of colors. Then they turn into any color animal. 
    • Pearl: It's a person in a rainbow dress. She's walking through my rainbow. 
    • Mia: Its a tree, a Christmas tree! 


  • Dylan: This is Doomsday's castle. 
  • Adlai: I'm making a fortress. 
  • Tessa: This is a jail. 
  • Jay: The fire comes out of here. 

Dramatic Play 

  • Jay: We made steering wheels. 
  • Louis: The type of steering wheels in cars. 

French with Florence. 

  • Today we had french with Florence. She took a poll of who likes the rain and who does not like the rain. Florence read a story called In This Book