Language and Literacy 

  • National Geographic: Everything Dogs -Jay's grandmother came in this morning and brought this book to share with the Pre-K class. Jay showed us some of his favorite pictures of the dogs in the book! 

Today we had two special activities with our Interns, Rebecca and Ardiana. For Rebecca's activity she read Froggy Gets Dressed  and then she made pretend snow in the sensory bin with the children! The ingredients she used to make snow were corn starch and shaving cream.  

  • David John: It feels like mush! It feels heavy and soft. 
  • Mia: It's making my hands soft. 
  • Artemis: It's snowing!
  • Tessa: It's raining snow! 
  • Cole: I'm making a snow man.
  • Della: My daddy uses shaving cream to shave his face.
  • Leo: I'm making a snow ball. 
  • Ines: It feels like a pillow. 
  • Zachary: I'm covering my hands and arms with the snow. 

For Ardriana's activity first she read The Night Before Christmas and then she made christmas tree ornaments with the children! We decorated the ornaments to hang up in our classroom for the holiday season! 

Morning Meeting: Welcome back Pre-K! 

  • How was your Thanksgiving?
    • Tessa: I went to the cow house and when I was leaving I had a turkey attack.
    • Ines: At thanksgiving I went ice skating. 
    • Pearl: At thanksgiving me and my mom and dad were at a party. I had brownies and cookies. 
    • Zachary: I went to Kansas city and I went to science city. 
    • Leo: I went on the airplane to the big islands and I got to drive the big airplane. 
    • Louis: I went to cirque du soleil and someone looked like a clown. 
    • Artemis: I ate turkey and my cousins came. 
    • Fjola: I went to the ballet and and mommy and me went ice skating after the ballet. 
    • Dylan: My daddy's birthday was on thanksgiving. 
    • Adlai: I ate pumpkin bread on thanksgiving. 
    • Jay: I went to fire Island when it was thanksgiving and my tree house. 
    • Della: Everyone came over to my house and we watched lego friends. 
    • Cole: I got to go in the pilot seat, I saw a turtle on the beach. 
    • Mia: I went to a different house in Miami and saw my friends. 


  • Painting 
    • Mia: This is a giant turkey and this is my baby sister. 
    • Leo: This is me, and this is the yellow sun, and that's the grass.
    • Fjola: This is a happy face, this is the sun, and that's a little house. 
  • Observational drawings of flowers 
    • Mia: Those puppies turned into puppy flowers. 
    • Artemis: It's a flower finding santa claus. 

French with Florence

  • Today we had french with Florence. We started our lesson with the Bonjour song. Then we learned the french words for hair brush, tooth brush, sweater, tights, socks, underwear and shoes. After we played a game where we had to guess what's inside the suitcase (in french). We finished our lesson with the Au Revoir song.