Today we went on our field trip to the other Buckle My Shoe. When we arrived we were greeted by Carla, Melissa, and the 3s and 4s class of 13th street. First we had circle time and snack together! We went around the circle and introduced ourselves. After snack they gave us a book of drawings they drew for us that asked questions about the Tribeca Buckle My Shoe. After, we presented them with our handprint banner we made.  

Next, we got to explore their school and play together. Half of the students went to the gym, and the other half went to centers in the classroom. Their gym has a see-saw! Students practiced working together as they played on the see-saw. There was also a slide and a climbing structure with a steering wheel, a telescope, and a pole. 

The centers at 13th St were similar to the ones we have in our school. There was the block area, dramatic play, art, light table and puzzles. The Pre-K students played with each other and with their new friends at 13th St. In the dramatic play area, Ines, Artemis, and Charley played house. Ines said, "They're going to a party and I'm staying in because the baby is sick! I need to take care of it." In the block area, Jay said, "King Fasa is stuck!" Tessa said, "These guys will help Mufasa. Mufasa, grab my hands!"

We took a big group picture and yelled, "New friends!" and "Fun times!" Then we said goodbye and took the subway back to school. We look forward to seeing our new friends again in Tribeca or the West Village!