Today we had soccer with Zach. First we warmed up by running in place and walking around the gym backwards. Next, Coach Zach asked Pre-K if we could help him do his stinky laundry! He threw shirts all over the gym, and students had to pick them up with their feet, and then throw them into the goal/washing machine. Next, we pretended that cones were socks and hats, and we cleaned those up with our feet. Finally, we added the soap/soccer balls to the washing machines. After the laundry was clean, we helped put it all away. 

Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • My Rainbow Castle -Artemis brought this book in to share. 
  • Letter Bingo

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Students!

  • Greeting: Hello, Neighbor! -partner greeting song.

Today we introduced our Kindness Jar. For each act of kindness we witness a friend doing, a pom pom is dropped into the jar. When the jar is full, we will have a party.  Our kindness jar encourages the children to act kindly and helps show the rewards that being kind to one another can give. 


  • Portraits of Chocolate Milk. 
    • Mia: Chocolate Milk has silly hands! 
    • Fjola: This is Chocolate Milk, and Chocolate Milk's mom is taking care of her. 
    • Arun: Chocolate Milk is playing power ranger. She fights bad guys and gets her stuffed animals to play with. This is Chocolate Milk watching tv. She's in her costume because she is yellow. 
    • Tessa: Chocolate Milk is playing pirate.
    • Leonardo: This is Chocolate Milk in her cage eating her food. I'm feeding her lettuce and carrots. 
  • November Self Portraits
    • Mishaan: Ears, hair, tummy, and belly.
    • David John: I'm in Georgia seeing my grandma.
    • Colin: That's my shirt and my arms and my legs.

Sensory Bin with Fall Leaves 

  • David John: It's the Fall leaves and the last leaves are falling. 


  • How Many Bears are Under the Cup? -Game. 

Building with Magna-Tiles 

  • Jay: It's the Empire State Building!


  • We worked on our assignment from Isabella from last Friday. We listened to "Kangaroos" by Camille Saint-Saens, and we drew how we felt and what we heard, including dots for short sounds and lines for long sounds. Some students said they were "scared," "happy," or "surprised."