Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • This First Thanksgiving Day.
  • Fishing for Letters
    • Students used magnetic fishing rods to catch fish with letters and numbers on them. When you caught a fish, you had to say what letter or number it was.

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Musicians!

  • For our greeting, we passed a pom pom around the circle and said good morning to our friends. The Pre-K class is improving at this! They can greet each other quickly around in the circle.
  • We also played hot potato.
  • Animal song--students were frogs, snakes, elephants, and horses, dancing around in a circle.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

  • Cole: Turkey!
  • David John: Fish Cookies!
  • Tessa: Pumpkin pie.
  • Alexander: Chicken.
  • Louis: Crunchy turkey.
  • Mia: Pancakes with marshmallows 
  • Arun: Cookies shaped like a turkey with Thanksgiving food inside. 
  • Colin: Corn bread!
  • Fjola: French fries with turkey.
  • Adlai: Cake with thanksgiving food and candy.
  • Zachary: Thanksgiving cookies.
  • Ines: Turkey!
  • Dylan: Turkey candy. 
  • MIshaan: Roasted marshmallows. 
  • Pearl: Turkey.
  • Jay: Turkey and jello.
  • Della: Cupcakes. 
  • Charley: Cupcakes. 


  • Illustrating the Adventures of Chocolate Milk
    • Ines: I'm making angry faces because they're bad guys.
  • Thankful trees - we continued to work on our handprint thankful trees today.


  • Number Jars
    • Students looked at the number on the jar and had to put the same amount of colorful caps into the jar. Tessa filled up all the jars! 

Music with Isabella

Today we had music with Isabella. We started our lesson with the hello say your name song. Then we practiced our E notes. After, students played two notes and tried to sing their names. Then we played a game where we had to recognize when the cuckoo (G+E notes) came out and sing cuckoo! Last we sang the Simple Simon song which was about a man going to the fair.