Today we read T'was the Night before Thanksgiving and Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George.  We talked about how one aspect of Thanksgiving is having gratitude for the things we have.  We also talked about how turkeys have become a symbol for the national holiday! Then we made Thankful Trees and shared what we are most thankful for today. 

  • Cole: I'm thankful fir the quad I got for my birthday. 
  • Mishaan: I'm thankful for my little brother. 
  • Mia: I'm thankful for my baby brother and big brother. 
  • David John: My finger puppets I brought to class. 
  • Ines: Mommy!
  • Adlai: I'm thankful for my monster trucks, but my bigger one broke so i'm sad for that one. 
  • Jay: Race cars from my home. 
  • Della: I'm thankful for my big sister. 
  • Arun: I'm thankful for my whole family and Dwali. 
  • Zachary: I'm thankful for star wars books at the library. 
  • Colin: I'm thankful for being able to pray for people who don't have much toys and are sick. 
  • Fjola: My purse with the things inside. 
  • Dylan: For getting the best family, and the best teachers, and the best best friends.
  • Pearl: Mommy! Daddy! And treasures at home. 
  • Alex: Mom. 
  • Louis: Race cars and my home. 
  • Tessa: I'm thankful for my family and teachers. 
  • Leo: My family and toys.


  • How many blocks tall are you?


  • Today we had music with Evan. We started our lesson with the wake up song. Then with his guitar Evan told the story of Abiyoyo. This week is Abiyoyo. Next week will be a new story. We ended our lesson with the goodbye song. 


  • Today we went to Washington Market Park. It was a beautiful brisk morning where the children enjoyed playing on the monkey bars, sliding down the slides, and building stronger friendships.