Today we had soccer with Zach! Our theme today was planting trees. First, we had to kick tiny seeds (tennis balls) into cones. Then we had to water the plants with soccer balls. Then the plants grew some leaves on top (small cones). Finally we cleaned up the plants by putting the seed on top of the small cone. After soccer, students were chanting, "I love soccer" through the halls!

Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Good Morning Possum!
    • If You Take a Mouse to School

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Soccer Players! 

Newscaster of the Day: Zachary 

  • Zachary: This is an alien. It's really stretchy. Its arms can stretch and its legs can stretch.

Questions and comments from the class.

  • Mishaan: Where did you buy it?
    • Zachary: I didn't buy it, I think it was from a birthday party. 
    • Mishaan: Yeah my party! 
  • Cole: I have one that's like that. 
  • Dylan: Do you watch alien movies?
    • Zachary: Yeah, I did! I saw a Tom and Jerry alien movie. 
  • Louis: Why is it not green?
    • Zachary: Sometimes it can be green, or grey or maybe blue. 
  • Arun: Did you know I have something like that. It isn't stretchy, it's sticky. 
    • Zachary: Mine used to be sticky but not anymore. 
  • Charley: Why is it so grey?
    • Zachary: Because it's a grey alien. 
  • Della: Can it stretch in the sky?
    • Zachary: Yes.
  • Artemis: How can it stretch high?
    • Zachary: I think because it has water.


Today Dylan's grandmother Kris came in to do a special activity with the Pre-K class. First she read Good Morning Possum to us. This is one of Dylan's favorite books from home. Then we all painted turkey's together in celebration of Thanksgiving next week! Thanks Kris! 

  • Painting turkeys 
    • Alexander: You need to paint your hand! 
    • Adlai: I want the rainbow turkey. 
    • Charley: Mine is yellow, red, black, and blue. 
    • Jay: So many feathers! 
    • Louis: I did all the colors!
  • Making Trees with one arm and hand. 
    • Cole: I made two trees! 
    • Ines: My tree is a Halloween tree! 
    • Dylan: The branches are smaller than the bottom part. 
    • Jay: Why is grass green? 

Science and Sensory 

  • Play dough - The 3AB class made special play dough for the Pre-K class. They made it smell like chocolate mint!