Today we celebrated Linda's birthday! The whole school met in the gym and sang happy birthday to Linda. Several Pre-K students worked together to draw and paint a portrait for Linda. They proudly gave it to her after her birthday celebration.

Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • Llama Llama Home with Mama
    • Firehouse!
  • Continuing the Adventures of Chocolate Milk.
    • Our story left off with Chocolate Milk on a plane to London.
    • Charley: And then she sees a cage, and then she hops in.
    • Colin: Then policemen catch her and put her in jail. Then the policemen left the keys in there so Chocolate Milk could get out by herself.
    • Dylan: Then a superhero flies down and got her and brought her back to safety.
    • Fjola: She fell down to safety.
    • Mia: Then she went flying to New York City to Hanukkah and she went back to Buckle My Shoe.
    • Della: Then we took care of her again.

Morning Meeting: Good Morning, Puddle Jumpers!

  • We talked about our field trip being postponed because of the rain. We learned that postponed does not mean cancelled. It just means that we will have it another day. We will have our field trip to 13th Street next week!
  • We did the Chicken Dance during Morning Meeting!

French with Florence

  • We played our days of the week game today, and we passed a small pom pom around the circle. We also sang our hello and goodbye songs.


  • Illustrating The Adventures of Chocolate Mi
  • Leo: 'm drawing Chocolate Milk kicking the bad guys.
  • Tessa: Chocolate Milk is peeking out the window of the boat!
  • Jay: This is Chocolate Milk on a plane eating chocolate.

Science and Sensory

  • Cloud dough - a mixture of baby oil and flour
    • Zachary: I made a sandcastle!
    • Charley: It's made of baby oil and clouds.
    • Pearl: It smells like peanut butter and milk.
    • Mia: I'm making it flat like a pizza dough.
    • Ines: It eels like a soft cloud.
    • Leo: It feels like sand, but smells like cheese.
    • Della: It smells like cooking oil.