Today we made a handprint banner as a gift for our friends at 13th street. We brainstormed different names for our banner and decided to title the banner "From Our Hands to Your Hands." Our title symbolizes building a friendship with our 13th street friends! The children are really looking forward to our trip tomorrow. 

Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Pete the Cat-I Love My White Shoes. 
    • Bats at the Library. 

Morning Meeting: Bonjour Pre-K!

Newscaster of the Day #1: Mia

  • Mia: My cousins from Panama came to visit, so my mommy and daddy and I went to Disney on Ice. 

Questions and comments from the class. 

  • Mishaan: Did you see woody and buzz lightyear? 
    • Mia: No. 
  • Leo: How did you get there on ice?
    • Mia: I wasn't on the ice, I just saw all of the characters on ice. 
  • Della: I went to Disney on ice the same day Mia did. 
  • Cole: I went to Disney on ice with my sister.
  • Pearl: Was the Disney on ice in New York or Florida? Because I went in Florida. 
    • Mia: It was in New York. 
  • Louis: Did the characters you saw slip on the ice?
    • Mia: None of them slipped because they were really good at ice skating. 

Newscaster of the Day #2: David John 

  • David John: Last Sunday I went to my swimming class. We pretended to be pizza in the water. Do you want to see? 

Questions and comments from the class.

  • Artemis: I go swimming on Sundays too! 
  • Cole: Where did you go swimming? 
    • David John: By where my babysitter and I get orange juice! 
  • Ines: How long did you swim for?
    • David John: An hour I think. 

French with Florence. 

  • Today we had French with Florence! We started our lesson with the Bonjour song. Then we counted to nineteen in French. After we played a days of the week game. We  finished our lesson with the Au Revoir song. 


  • Drawing pictures for our friends at 13th street. 
    • Charley: I'm making a picture of me waving to my friend at the class. 
    • Ines: I'm teaching the girls to write letters at 13th street.
    • Dylan: I'm drawing a superhero spaceship for the class, I am the boss of the spaceship. 
    • Louis: I'm drawing a machine to bring to the next class. 
  • Writing in our notebooks. 
    • Della: I'm working on my notebook, I wrote the letter D. 
    • Tessa: I love to write my name in my notebook. 

Sensory Bin with Water Beads and Pumpkin Boats. 

  • Cole: I'm playing with squishy balls and water. 
  • David John: My boat is the fastest! 
  • Colin: I don't like the feeling of the balls in the water.