Language and Literacy 

  • Books 
    • Llama, Llama, and the Bully Goat. 
  • Songs 
    • Head, shoulders, knees, and toes.


  • Painting with Fall Colors
    • Fjola: This is Charley and me and Mia in the house. This is the flowers by the house and this is the sun. 
    • Tessa: This is a rainbow pumpkin. 
    • Artemis: Mia! You need to draw grass to make the flowers grow. 
    • Mia: It's a magical apple! And this is a magical path. 
    • Charley: I'm painting the countryside and a christmas tree. 


  • Slime 
    • Ines: I'm making a cake for Tessa! 
    • David John: I'm just making a clay mountain. 

Dramatic Play in the Block Area

  • Adlai: There are bad guys. 
  • Alexander: And warriors. Warriors are like ninjas. 
  • Adlai: Yeah, they work on a team, are you a bad guy?
  • Alexander: No, I'm a goodie. 
  • Adlai: Don't worry I'll save you.
  • Alexander: There's a big asteroid heading for us. Asteroids have fire!


  • Counting to 100 with pumpkin seeds. 
  • How many seeds do you think were in our pumpkin?
    • Arun: 100, no a million. 
    • Pearl: 500
    • Cole: 50!
    • Colin: Twenty hundred. 
  • Block building with colorful blocks

Gym and Movement 

  • 5 Little Speckled Frogs. 
  • Mr. Scott's Switch On Switch Off