Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • 5 Little Monkeys, Trick-or-Treat 
    • Pete the Cat, 5 Little Pumpkins 

Music with Isabella: 

  • Our music teacher Isabella came into our class today. We sang a new greeting song, saying our names. We talked about some of the ideas we learned last year, including playing piano (softly) and forte (loudly). The Pre-K class became an orchestra, and everyone got an instrument. Then we practiced playing forte like an elephant and piano like a rabbit. We sang a goodbye song at the end of music class.

Morning Meeting: Guten Morgan Pre-K!

  • Put a check mark on the white board next to ONE color you are wearing: 
    • Jay: Blue! 
    • Charley: Blue
    • Dylan: Black
    • Della: Red
    • Ines: Blue
    • Cole: Blue 
    • Mishaan: Blue 
    • Louis: Blue 
    • Zachary: Blue 
    • Artemis: Pink!
    • Alexander: Blue 
    • Colin: Blue 
    • Arun: Blue 
    • Tessa: Purple 
    • Fjola: Pink
    • David John: Blue 
    • Pearl: Grey 
    • Mia: Grey 
    • Adali: Red 
  • We discovered that the majority of friends were wearing blue. Only one friend chose purple as a color they were wearing, and no friends chose brown or green.  


  • Play dough
    • Zachary: This is an elephant talking cookie. 
    • Louis: I'm making the biggest island in the world. 
  • Making your name with play dough 
    • Ines: Look! It's an "I"
    • Della: This is my name.
    • David John: Here's a "D" for David and a "J" for John. 
    • Zachary: Here's one part of the "Y" in my name. 
    • Adali: Here is an "A." 
  • Collages 
    • Pearl: Look at all the pink! 
    • Artemis: I'm using as many feathers as I can. 

Dramatic Play 

  • Jay: I'm a cheetah, guarding the class.
  • Charley: Come on family, we need to go back home! 
  • Mia: I'm the mom lion.