Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • They All Saw a Cat 
    • Bats at the Beach

Music with Evan:

Our Music teacher Evan came into our class today and sang songs with the children. He played music on his guitar and a special wooden flute with an eagle on top of it. After Evan had played the flute, Adlai said, "Excuse me, I like how you were playing that." Zachary was excited to pet the eagle, "I'm petting the eagle!" he said.

  • Songs
    • Wake up Song.
  • Blow the Balloon. 
    • We flew with a balloon to outer space. We said, "Hi Sun, Hi Mars, Hi Stars."
  • Goodbye Song

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K!

  • Apples or Bananas? 
    • Dylan: Bananas!
    • Arun: Bananas. 
    • Fjola: Bananas.
    • David John: Apples.
    • Louis: Bananas
    • Ines: Apples!
    • Cole: Bananas and Apples!
    • Della: Apples
    • Jay: Apples 
    • Tessa: Apples
    • Leo: Bananas and Apples!
    • Mia: Apples.
    • Adali: Apples.
    • Colin: Apples and Bananas! 
    • Zachary: Bananas 
    • Charley: Bananas
    • Pearl: I like Pears. 
    • Artemis: Bananas 
    • Alexander: None 
  • We discovered that 7 friends like apples and 7 friends like bananas. Three friends like both apples and bananas, and one friend likes pears! 


  • Today we made play dough. 
    • Colin: This is Chocolate Milk!
    • Jay: This is a pizza with pepperoni and chicken and its spicy.
    • Cole: I made a snow man!
    • Della: This is a brick wall.
    • Adali: This is a really flat something. 
  • Observational drawings of leaves 
    • Colin and his did John looked closely at the veins.
    • Louis: Wow the green one is so big now!
    • Pearl:Big, little, big, little.
    • Charley:  I drew two holes on my leaf because there are two holes in the leaf. I made a teeny tiny line. 
  • Drawing 
    • Jay: I'm making a treasure map 
    • Arun: I'm making a pizza
    • Louis: I made a treasure map. 
    • Alexander: X marks the spot! My treasure is a mystery. 
    • Louis: It's a mystery from pirates. 
    • Dylan: This is an explosion. Look how big mine is.
    • Adali: I'm making an explosion too.
    • David John: I drew a caterpillar. 
    • Zachary: This part is called Florida, this part is called Disney World.
    • Tessa: It's a bouquet. I'm going to make more flowers. 
    • Pearl: I drew my family.


  • Dylan: We're playing family. 
  • Mia: I'm the Mom!
  • Dylan: I'm the dog and my dog name is Pizza.

Blocks, Trains, and Legos

  • Alexander: I live on the top floor. 
  • Leo: Watch out there's a shark coming!
  • Alexander: There's a fire in the house! 

Bunny Observations 

  • Cole: Chocolate Milk is eating a carrot out of my hand!