Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Sleeping Beauty.
    • Hush!
  • Songs
    • Jump Up & Down
    • Hokey, Pokey 

Morning Meeting Share Time: Welcome Back Pre-K!

What should we be for Halloween? 

  • Mia: We should all be princesses for Halloween!
  • Mishaan: We should be Rocket ships and train workers.
  • Leo: We should be zombies for Halloween.
  • Tessa: We should be Willy Wonka.
  • Artemis: We should be witches for Halloween!
  • Adlai: Vampires. 
  • Charley: We should be bunnies!
  • Arun: We should be ninja's for Halloween. 
  • Pearl: We should be princesses and pigs. 
  • Dylan: We we should be power rangers. 
  • Colin: We should be space people. 
  • Della: Princesses! 
  • Louis: We should be dolphin's for Halloween. 
  • David John: We should be spiders and skeletons and pretend were in a haunted house.
  • Zachary: Ninja turtles! 


Today we wrote letters and words in sand on trays. Students used one finger to write in the sand. Then they shook the trays gently to clear what they wrote. This helps students develop fine motor skills, and it doesn't matter if they mess up!

  • Sand writing 
    • Tessa: I want to make my hand. 
    • Ines: An S!
    • Della: My name.
  • Painting 
    • Pearl: This is a rainbow. This is a square. This is a moon. This is yellow and green. This is my dad's telephone and this is a skirt. This is a flower. 
    • Louis: It's a rainbow!

Today, we went to the park for the second time this year! Below are a few of the children's conversations while we were there. 

  • Washington Market Park. 
    • Charley: I'm the mommy lion, we are good lions!
    • Dylan: I'm the ghost buster!
    • Mia: I'm pretending Charley is my mom.
    • David John: I'm the sheriff. 
    • Ines: Run! The tiger is up there. 
    • Arun: Me and Adali are Ninja's.