Today, Colin's mom Jess came in for a read-aloud and shared snack. First she and Colin read Pete the Cat, Five Little Pumpkins. This is one of our favorite Halloween stories! After the story, each child put a frozen banana into the blender. When it was Fjola's turn she shouted, "these bananas are really slimy!" Next we added a drop of coconut milk, and last we added rainbow sprinkles! This was a yummy and healthy snack, thanks Jess! 

Language and Literacy 

  • Morning Meeting Greeting song: Get up and Dance! 

Happy Friday Pre-K!

  • What kind of face should we carve our pumpkin? Happy, Scary, Angry or Silly?
    • Two  friends voted for a silly pumpkin face, four friends voted for a happy pumpkin face, ten friends voted for a scary pumpkin face, and no friends voted for a angry pumpkin face. 
      • Scary Pumpkin face wins!
    • During Centers, we opened the pumpkin, took out all the seeds, and carved the pumpkin with a scary face.

Our Own Spooky Story

  • One day some kids carved a scary Jack-O-Lantern... 
    • Dylan: Then the kids were going to go to a spooky castle. 
    • Jay: Ghosts tried to eat the kids. 
    • Zachary: Then they saw another spooky castle and inside there were zombies and dinosaurs and they tried to eat the kids. 
    • Arun: Then they found out that there was a vampire. He sucked their blood, it was dripping out, and they had no more blood.
    • Cole: Then there were 3 big huge giants, and they killed all the persons.
    • Mishaan: Then so many scary stuff came to eat all the kids so they won't see their mommies and daddies again.
  • We will finish this story next week...hopefully it will stay spooky but get a little happier!

Music with Isabella. 

  • Isabella started our lesson today with the Hello Dear Friends song. Then we reviewed our lesson from last week. Next we sang the Kangaroo song and the Dancing Fossils song practicing our long and short sounds. After we pretended to be fish swimming in the water to long sounds. Isabella gave us homework for this week--we will listen to music and draw at the same time. We will draw dots for short sounds and lines for long sounds.


  • Apple Prints - We cut apples in half, seeing the stars in the middle! Then we put the apples in paint and printed them on the paper. Some of the time, you could see the star through the paint.
    • Arun: I see the star!
    • Jay: And a lot of pits!