Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K!

  • Greeting song: Jump in the Water 

Language and Literacy 

  • This morning Mia's dad Arturo came to school to read to us and play with us during our gym time. He first read Don't Let the Pigeon's Stay Up Late. The children really liked this story.  Then we had free play with Arturo. He chased the children around while Mia yelled, "my dad is going to catch everyone!" Thanks Arturo!  

Sensory Room

  • Today we made apple crumble with the apples we picked at Riamede farm (and some we bought at Whole Foods). First, the children cut the apples into small pieces. Then we observed the star inside of the apple.  After we mixed butter with the apple crumble mix and baked it for 45 minutes! We each enjoyed a piece of apple crumble after lunch. It was delicious! 

Music with Evan

  • Today Evan began our lesson with the wake up song. Next we sang the Bee song and the Little Monkey song. We pretended to be monkeys swinging on a tree. Then Evan told us a story about a blue bird who lived in blue land where everything was blue. One night the bird flew away to an island where he discovered a world of color. This story teaches us that it's fun to visit new places! To conclude our lesson today we sang the goodbye song. 


  • Observational drawings of apples 
    • Pearl: Look at my apple. Here's my mom eating an apple.
    • Arun: I drew the granny smith apple. Now I'm going to draw the red chief and the golden one. 
    • Artemis: I made them different shapes. 
  • Decorating our Halloween Costumes 
    • Artemis: Can I have a pink tail? 
    • Dylan: This is my super belt for my Power Ranger bunny!