Today we did a special activity with Della's mom Dana. Dana came in for a read aloud, arts and crafts, and a yummy snack! First she read Jump into Fall and then she read Duck and Goose find a pumpkin. Next we did an arts and crafts project where the children made either an owl, turkey or a squirrel. They loved it! Last, we enjoyed some delicious pumpkin macarons. Thanks Dana! Come back soon! 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Apple Eaters! 

  • What was your favorite part about our apple picking trip yesterday? 
    • Tessa: My favorite part was going on the front of the tractor!
    • Fjola: My favorite part was holding the apple. 
    • Ines: My favorite part was picking pumpkins and going on a hayride. 
    • Jay: I liked the tractor. 
    • Cole: Going on the tractor and picking the apples and pumpkins. 
    • Leo: I liked when I went in the corn field with Alex! 
    • David John: My favorite part was the bus ride!
    • Colin: My favorite part was going in the car with Pearl, I ate an apple on the tractor. 
    • Artemis: My favorite part was sitting next to Charley and eating a donut with her. 
    • Dylan: The tractor ride!
    • Zachary: Picking 10 apples, 5 pumpkins, and 5 gourds. 
    • Pearl: My favorite part was the tractor and eating a donut with my mommy. 
    • Della: Tractor ride!
    • Alexander: 
    • Louis: I liked hiding in the trees!
    • Mia: Eating an apple! 
    • Charley: Picking pumpkins and going on the hayride! 


  • Decorating our Halloween Costumes 
    • Alexander: Here's a spider to put on it like spiderman. 
    • Louis: I found a pointy nose, and a tail, I'm done! 
    • Mishaan: My space racer bunny is a show I watch. 
    • Della: I want the gems to be in a line. 

Bunny Observations 

  • Pearl: Chocolate Milk wants to bite my feet!