Florence started our lesson today with the Bonjour song. Next, we counted in French all the way to 20! Then we sang "If you're happy and you know it" in French and learned the names of some of our body parts. We sang "Clap you're hands," "Stomp your feet," "Shake your legs," and "Wiggle your ears." Finally, we played "Jacques a dit," which is Simon Says in French! We continued to practice identifying our body parts.

Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Leaves are Falling One By One (sung to the tune of The Ants Go Marching)
  • Songs 
    • Baby Shark Song 

Morning Meeting: Bonjour Pre-K! 

  • Greeting: Hi in Sign Language 
    • How to: Make a B sign with your right hand, place index finger against side of forehead, then move your hand out and a little downward. 

Group Activity: Newscasting 

  • Our first Newscaster of the Day: Mishaan
    • Mishaan: Over the weekend I went to Pennsylvania with my cousins. We went to Barnes and Noble and I got two new books. When I came back on Sunday night, I ate pumpkin pie. 
  • Questions and comments from the class.
    • Charley: What are your cousins names?
      • Mishaan: Akshay and Anya.
    • Zachary: Where did you go in Pennsylvania?
      • Mishaan: I went to my grandparents house. 
    • Colin: Which books did you get at the bookstore? 
      • Mishaan: Two Octonauts books.
    • Fjola: Did you have a good time?
      • Mishaan: Yes! 
  • Our Second Newscaster of the Day: Alexander 
    • Alexander: My grandparents are coming to town tomorrow in the night. They live in England. I've been to England a thousand times. My grandpa uses walking sticks to help him walk better. He had an injection. The doctor banged on his knee, and he went to the hospital.
  • Questions and comments from the class
    • Mishaan: Will you be awake when they come? 
      • Alexander: Yes, they are coming before I go to bed.
    • Zachary: Where will you go when they get here?
      • Alexander: Nowhere. My mom is going away for Halloween.
    • Tessa: You've been to England 10 thousand times?
      • Alexander: Maybe a million.


  • Decorating our Halloween Costumes 
    • David John: I made a forest for my ears because I love trees.


  • Halloween freeze dance