We were so happy to have Cole's mom Rebecca come in today and make Halloween juice with us for Cole's shared snack. Everyone participated in the activity by putting either an apple, orange or carrot into the juicer. We called it Creepy Carrot Juice! This was such a fun and easy way for the Pre-K children to eat more fruits and veggies today. It was SO yummy! Thanks Rebecca! 

Good Morning Costume Designers! 

  • Greeting Song: Get up and Dance!

Today we introduced our Jobs Chart. Each child is assigned to a different "job" each week. We also have substitutes for each job incase a child is absent. Our jobs help children take responsibility in the classroom and practice leadership skills. 

Here is a list of the jobs we came up with so far. The jobs will change throughout the year depending on our classroom needs. 

  • Pre-K Job assignments for the week of Monday, October 24th -Friday, October 28th. 
    • Line leader: Ines
    • Caboose: Mia
    • Bell ringer: Fjola 
    • Gardener: Artemis
    • Chocolate Milk caretaker: Colin 
    • Snack helper: Della
    • Block organizer: Zachary 
    • Board eraser: Alexander 
    • Librarian: Jay 
    • Attendance taker: Dylan 
    • Centers board manager: Cole 
    • Greeter: Charley 
    • Morning message reader: Mishaan
    • Inspector: Leo 

Music with Isabella: Today's lesson began with the "Hello say your name" song. Then Isabella taught us about long and short sounds using the vibratone. Next, each student had the opportunity to play a long and short sound on the xylophone. We ended our lesson with the Goodbye song! 


  • Self Portraits 
    • Pearl: This is me, this is my daddy and my mommy. This is sand in a giant bag. These are all the treasures. 
  • Painting our Halloween costumes.
    • Ines: I want to make a unicorn on my costume. I think this is a hippopotamus but it's supposed to be a unicorn. 
  • Play dough 
    • Tessa: Look at the spider I made!
    • Zachary: This is me on stilts.

Blocks and trains 

  • Mishaan, Cole, Arun and Colin built a fire station. 

Light Table 

  • Jay: Adlai and I are building a building up to the sky. 

Bunny Observations 

  • Colin: Chocolate Milk is in the block area without her shoes on! 


  • Hi, my name is Joe song.
  • Free play