Our music teacher Evan came in today. Our music lesson started with the Wake Up Song! Next we sang the Blow the Balloon song. We blew it up, flew around with it, then it popped, and we pretended to fall to the ground. Then we turned into fish and sang a song about swimming in the water. We also turned into an octopus, a shark, a whale, and finally a dinosaur fish. Leo said that a dinosaur fish is even bigger than a whale, so we became dinosaur fish. Evan told us a story about a giant, Abiyoyo. He was asleep for a long time, and then he woke up and was hungry! So the brother and the sister made him tired again and then made him disappear. Then we sang the goodbye song.

Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea. 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K! 

  • Greeting: Stand and Reach up High song! 
  • Group Activity: Bug in the Rug! 
    • This morning we played  Bug in the Rug! Bug in the Rug ("rug" large blanket) is a hide and seek game that challenges children's memory skills. 

At home Tessa made up the first verse to her very own Halloween song. She brought it in to share with the Pre-K class and thought it would be fun for us to add verses to it! 

  • Tessa's verse: Halloween, Halloween, Trick or Treat!
                         How Many Ghosts are in the street??

As a class we brainstormed some more possible versers to add to the song and these were some of their ideas. 

  • Cole: I am a ghost, you are a skeleton, I own an eyeball. 
  • David John: Yummy Yummy brush your teeth!
  • Arun: I am a web, you are a spider. 
  • Dylan: Why do you see ghosts in the street?
  • Adlai: Scary scary monsters walking on 10 monsters.

Halloween Halloween:  

  • Verse one: Halloween, Halloween, Trick or Treat! 
    • How many ghosts are in the street? 1,2,3,4,5.
  • Verse two: Halloween, Halloween, Trick or Treat! 
    • Ghosts and skeletons my eyeballs see! 
  • Verse three: Halloween, Halloween, Trick or Treat! 
    • Scary scary monsters on the street.
  • Verse four: Halloween, Halloween, Trick or Treat
    • Scary scary kids come to feast! 


  • Painting our Halloween costumes: 
    • Alexander: I need a darker blue and darker red like Spiderman. 
    • Mishaan: This is the Space Racer bunny. These are the fire boots. They shoot fire. This one is bigger than the one in the show.
  • Drawing
    • Charley, Fjola, Della, and Ines drew portraits of their families.

Dramatic Play 

  • David John: Leo's dad is on the phone.
  • Leo: No David John, you don't know my dad's number! 
  • Louis and Leo: We are in a hideout. We have to call the catchers to catch Chocolate Milk!