Today, Florence returned for our second French lesson. Our lesson started with the Bonjour song. Then she asked the Pre-K class, "Who is happy today?"  Next, Florence had several different pictures of jack-o-lantern faces. We discussed the feelings we saw on each of the faces. 

  • Surprised face jack-o-lantern:
    • Dylan: His mouth is oval. 
    • Charley: He is surprised. 
  • Sad face jack-o-lantern: 
    • Leo: Its mouth is shaped like an upside-down moon.
  • Scared face jack-o-lantern: 
    • David John: He is half happy and half sad. 
  • Angry face jack-o-lantern. 
  • Happy face jack-o-lantern.

Next Florence read Aujourd'hui je suis (a book about feelings) to the children. She then concluded the lesson with au revoir song! 

Language and Literacy 

  • Books 
    • Batman, Superman, and Wonder-Woman
    • Dylan brought this superhero book to share with the class.

Morning Meeting Share Time: Good Morning Pre-K! 

  • What is your favorite season? And why? 
    • Della: My favorite season is summer because I go to Turks and Caicos.
    • Mia: My favorite seasons is summer because I collect sea shells. 
    • Zachary: My favorite season is summer because we have so many days off from school. 
    • Leo: All of the seasons are my favorite. 
    • Adlai: My favorite season is winter so I can go sledding. 
    • Alexander: Summer, so I can wear shorts. 
    • Dylan: My favorite season is spring. 
    • Charley: Summer! Because I go to Fire Island. 
    • Mishaan: Winter! I don't like when it's too hot outside. 
    • Colin: My favorite season is fall and winter because I get to sled. 
    • Louis: Spring is my favorite because I love raindrops. 
    • Ines: My favorite season is winter because I like to play in the snow. 
    • Artemis: My favorite season is summer because I go to Mexico. 
    • David John: Spring! I like to jump in the warm weather. 
    • Fjola: Spring! I like to play outside with my dolly.
    • Cole: My favorite season is winter because I like to build a snowman with my friends. 
    • Jay: Summer! I like to go to Fire Island. 
    • Tessa: Winter is my favorite season because I like to slide down big hills! 


  • Painting our Halloween Costumes
    • Louis: The real color of the dolphin is grey. 
    • Tessa: I'm making a pink and purple ghost bunny. 
    • Adlai: I'm a green ghost bunny!
    • Ines: I am going to be a cowgirl bunny with all of the colors. 
  • Drawing faces on pumpkins
    • Dylan: My pumpkin has a silly face.
    • Charley: Happy face on my pumpkin. 
  • Leaf collages 


  • Washington Market Park
    • Before we left for the park today, we brainstormed objects that reminded us of fall, such as leaves, acorns, pine cones, and twigs. When we got to the park, we searched for these things and collected them. We filled up a bag with beautiful leaves, as well as some sticks and rocks. 
      • Leo: I found a bouquet of leaves.
      • Charley: This one is really orange. Take a picture of the leaves on the tree! They are red and beautiful.
      • Dylan: These are covered with red and brown.
      • Alexander: I found a bottle of sand.
      • Colin: This is a beautiful red leaf.
      • Tessa: Lots of sticks!
      • David John: I found a little stick.
      • Mia: Who wants a golden one?
      • Artemis: Look how many I got!
      • Fjola: Mia, look at this pink one.
      • Cole: Jackpot!
      • Artemis: We're making a big pile of leaves to jump in.