Today we had our first French lesson of the year. Florence, our French teacher from last year, came to our classroom. Our lesson started with the Bonjour song. Next, we counted how many students were here today. We counted in French all the way up to 18! Florence brought a small pumpkin that each student got to explore. We discussed how it felt, looked, and smelled. Then, students shared whether they did or did not like the smell or feel of the pumpkin. Finally, we sang the au revoir song and said goodbye to Florence.

Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Awesome Autumn  

Morning Meeting Share Time: Aloha Pre-K! 

  • How many days are there until Halloween? 
    • As a class we discovered that there are only 14 days left until Halloween! 

Newscaster of the Day: Ines

  • Ines: Today I got a dog, he is at the doctor today. We named the dog Lucky. He is a boy. 

Questions and comments from the class:

  • David John: How did you get the dog? How do you feed it and train it?
    • Ines: My dad went to get it. To feed him you put food in the bowl. 
  • Zachary: Where did you get the dog? 
    • Ines: From his mommy at the store. 
  • Cole: I'm never gonna get a dog.
    • Ines: Maybe I can ask my mom if you can come over.
  • Charley: What color is the dog?
    • Ines: Brown! 
  • Dylan: Why did you get the dog? I can't get one because my mom is allergic. 
    • Ines: Because I love dogs. 
  • Fjola: Why did you want to buy a dog?
    • Ines: Because I like them. 
  • Mishaan: If my brother comes over he will play with your dog because he loves dogs. 
    • Ines: Well, be careful because he bites! 


  • Painting and designing our Halloween Costumes
    • Jay: I am a ghost bunny. I will use white and blue.
    • Leo: I want to be a police bunny. I will have a badge and a license and handcuffs.
  • Leaf Collages
  • Self-Portraits


  • Washington Market Park
    • Today, we went to the park. It was a beautiful day! Some students played Dinosaurs versus Bears. Others played Spies. Everyone enjoyed the warm sunny day.