Morning Meeting Share Time: Happy Friday Pre-K! 

For our greeting today, students looked through a magnifying glass and said good morning to their neighbor. They also said, "It's nice to see you!" The Pre-K class loved using this prop during our greeting.

  • Language and Literacy
    • Group Activity
      • Poetry: Apples, Peaches, Pears, and Plums Tell Me When Your Birthday Comes!
      • During Morning Meeting we read this poem together as a class. The second time, children stood up when their birthday month was chanted. 

This Morning during Morning Meeting we introduced Newscasting to the class. Every Monday and Friday one or two students will share something exciting happening in their lives. After the student shares their news of the day, other class members will have the opportunity to ask questions or share comments. Today, Cole was our Newscaster! 

  • Cole: Over the weekend I went pumpkin picking with my cousins. We found so many pumpkins. We found all of the pumpkins in New York City, actually we found all of the pumpkins in the entire world. I brought some to school. 

Questions from the class. 

  • Mishaan: Where did you go to pick them?
    • Cole: At Uncle Jack's farm. 
  • Zachary: Who did you pick the pumpkins with?
    • Cole: My Dad, Sister, Mom, Uncle Jack and Little Jack. 
  • Dylan: Why is everyone named Jack?
    • Cole: Well, some of them are Jack.
  • Artemis: Did you have fun?
    • Cole: Yes, we had so much fun! 
  • Jay: Did you carve the pumpkin?
    • Cole: My dad carved the pumpkins. I looked at his phone.
  • Tessa: Why did you need the pumpkin?
    • Cole: To make seeds! 

Today, we had an exciting visit from the dentist, Dr. Adam! First Dr. Adam gave each child a small mirror to look at their teeth and asked:

What do we do at home to keep our teeth clean?

  • Charley: Brush them! 
  • Ines: Brush them in the morning and at night! 
  • David John: Brush them for a long time. 

Dr Adam: Do we eat our toothpaste?

  • Pre-K Class: Noo!!

We discovered that Dr. Adam's stuffed animal dog named Ollie like us has 16 teeth on the bottom and 16 teeth on the top! Dr. Adam went through a list of foods that are bad for our teeth and stick to them or that our good for our teeth and slide off. We played a "stick or slide" game. Students got to pick a food out of a mystery bag, and then they had to predict if the food would stick to the tooth or slide off. Foods like carrots, strawberries, watermelon, and bananas would slide off the tooth, but ice cream, cookies, soda, and jelly beans stuck to the tooth! 

At the end of the presentation, students practiced brushing stuffed animals' teeth. They made sure to brush the top and the bottom teeth. Then, we got stickers and goody bags!

Science and Sensory 

  • Fall Potion 
    • David John: Tessa is stirring while I add ingredients. 
    • Tessa: Can we add more water? 
    • Cole: Can I stir the potion with the stick? 
    • Zachary: I put the leaves in! 


  • Planning and designing our bunny costumes
    • Louis: I want to be a dolphin bunny.
    • Arun: Dinosaur bunny with teeth all over my body!
    • Cole: Hip hop bunny. I dance!
    • Mishaan: I want to be a Space Racer bunny because I like that show.
    • Tessa: A ghost bunny!
    • Ines: Cowgirl bunny. Or a butterfly bunny!
  • October Self-Portraits
  • Painting Fall Wreathes 

Music with Isabella

  • Hello Song
  • Today we talked about long and short sounds. We said "Ding" like a triangle and made it a very long sound. Then we said "Boom" like a drum and made it a short sound. We listened to a new instrument called a Vibratone, which made a long sound. 
  • We also talked about playing music piano (softly) or forte (loudly). Students played a triangle forte or piano
  • Goodbye Song