• Drawing
    • Jay: I'm drawing a pumpkin for Halloween.
    • Pearl: I'm drawing Ines. I'm drawing her dad's head.
  • Easel Painting
    • Pearl and Ines: We're making a secret painting!
  • Letter Collages
    • Tessa: I'm making a mess of letters.
    • August: I'm making a mess too!

Block Building

  • Zachary: We are building a fire house.
  • Mishaan: This is a ladder.
  • Leo: I'm going to build the fire truck.
  • Jay: This is a whole city. 

Dramatic Play

  • Halloween House
    • Fjola: Me, Charley, and Artemis are playing Halloween House.
    • Fjola placed a pumpkin in the middle of the table for decoration and placed other plates and food around it. Fjola was the baby, Charley was the mommy, and Artemis was the sister. They ate dinner in their "Halloween House."
  • Phone Calls
    • Colin: I'm calling someone, but he is not answering. I'm going to be on the phone for hours, I guess. Wait, my mom is calling me!

Fishing Game

  • Dylan: We're fishing for fun!
  • Alexander: My fishes are swimming.

Science and Sesnory

  • Light Table with Magna Tiles
    • Della: Look at my ice skating rink!