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    • Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins 

We had the pleasure of having Tessa's mom, Stephaine come into our class today and read Halloween stories to the children. She read Room on the Broom and A Halloween Scare in New York City. The children loved these two stories and we are all counting down the days until Halloween! Thank you Stephaine! 

Morning Meeting Share Time: Hello Pre-K! 

  • Fall Harvest Season at Home: 
    • Cole: I picked pumpkins at my cousins house. 
    • Arun: I carved a pumpkin. 
    • Dylan: I went pumpkin picking with my mommy and daddy. There was a corn maze and we ate candy apples. 
    • Alexander: I already carved a pumpkin too. 
    • Mishaan: When we carve a pumpkin, maybe we can make our school friends' faces.
    • Charley: My pumpkin had the silliest face. 
    • Adali: We were in a corn maze with a scarecrow and I got tons of candy. 
    • Louis: We saw the biggest pumpkin. 
    • Della: We already have pumpkins on our window.
    • Artemis: I put a apple face on the pumpkin. 
    • Colin: There was a maze, and my mom went to hide, and we found her.

Today after Morning Meeting we went on a walk to the market to pick out a pumpkin for the class. When we arrived at the market the class voted on buying pumpkin #1 or pumpkin #2. Pumpkin #2 won so we walked back to BMS together with the winning pumpkin in hand. 

When we returned to the classroom the children made pumpkin observations: 

  • David John: The pumpkin has green specks on it. 
  • Colin: The stem is twirled. 
  • Charley: The pumpkin has bumps, a lot of bumps. 
  • Jay: Why does it have holes?
  • Mishaan: What are those little lines?
  • Cole: They're how much layers it has.
  • Leo: Our pumpkin has a big bump!
  • Tessa: It's big and orange and round, you have to take the seeds out! 
  • Ines: The stem has little white dots. 
  • Zachary: It has a lot of scratches.


  • Fall Collages with Emily's wedding bouquet!
    • Last week, Emily shared some pictures of her colorful wedding bouquet, and then showed Pre-K how it looked now that it was all dry. It turned brown and gray. We used the flowers, petals, and leaves to make collages.
      • Charley: I'm making a collage with flowers. 
      • Della: I put one flower in the middle.
  • Self Portraits 
    • Dylan: This is me and this is the clouds and this is the earth.
    • Della: I am at home!
  • Light Table with pumpkins and gourds. 
    • Arun: That looks like corn with popcorn.