The children began this morning doing an art project with tape and cray pas. They colored around the taped and then removed it to see what pattern remained. 

Other children worked with manipulatives, the animal figurines and Graydon showed us his trumpet.

We did Show and Tell during circle time. Graydon told us about his trumpet and played it for the class. Luke passed around a plastic pig and a soft puppy, Hamish showed everyone a special chest with treasure inside and Sven passes around a cement truck. What a treat! Then we all sang "I'm a City Kid!" 

During gym we played Alphabet Hunt. The letters were scattered all over the gym and Debbie would call out a letter and the children would find it and line them up in the proper order. They also enjoyed finding their initials. Then we all sang the ABC song!

Back in the classroom the children collaborated on a rainbow. They used craft sticks to move the paint across white paper.

Other's engaged in free play: time in the kitchen, puzzles and building with magnets and blocks. It was a great Monday in 2B!