We began this morning with an art project set up on the table. The children each had a bottle of glue that they used to attach popsicle sticks to a piece of paper with a circle on it. Some children made the sun, others made spiky dragons, some chose to be more abstract. They all loved squeezing the glue!

After everyone did the popsicle project, they explored other areas of the room. Luke and Elle looked at books together, Hamish discovered a matching game, Kian made his own train track out of construction paper! Graydon built a series of towers. There was a lot going on in the room this morning!

We then moved on to circle time and the children who brought in Show and Tell took turns talking about their special items. Elizabeth told the group about her musical jewelry box from the movie Frozen. Kian passed around a cell phone he sleeps with. He told everyone how to use it, "you put it up to your ear and talk through your mouth." Sven showed the class a black and red bus. He showed us the windows that open and we talked about who has been on a bus. Ava shared her tiger! She said it was "so soft!" We talked about how it was a member of the cat family. And Luke shared a stuffed coyote. Cami said "it's like a wolf!" And we agreed and all of us thought it was like a fox too. They were all very generous with their Show and Tell and their toys lead to great conversations. 

During gym, Debbie set up a cave so the children could crawl inside like little bears! They rolled around and did some climbing and took turns with the big blue balls. After gym we went back to our room for lunch!

The children had a great day filled with activity! We look forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow!