This morning the children began the day with an art project. They selected cut up pieces of colored tissue paper and then squirted them with water. They laid them out and let them dry. When they pull the pieces up the tissue paper will leave colorful stains on the white paper.

Later in the morning, after playing with puzzles, blocks, the train set and dramatic play, Debbie had the children play an alphabet game. All the children helped one another line up the letters in the correct order while singing the ABC song.

During snack Debbie read the children a book about a hungry lion. The children talked about how they were hungry and that their snack filled them up!

Today Hamish brought in a very special sheep for Show and Tell. Luca shared a Spiderman ribbon with the class, leading his friends to wonder aloud if Spiderman and Batman are friends? Vivi brought in a tiny, tiny My Little Pony. Some of her friends asked if the pony was happy or sad. Vivi told us the pony is a happy pony. Cami brought in a fox that some friends thought looked like a dog. Valdi thought that it looked like a tiger because of it's orange and white fur. The children are so good with one another special items from home. It is wonderful to see.

Everyone is very excited about the progress of our caterpillars. Today we looked at how far they have moved. Four of them have inched their way to the top of the jar, one is still on the bottom. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar again and discussed the cocoon process or chrysalis. How the caterpillar bundles up in the cocoon like a sleeping bag and comes out in two weeks or so. When it is out it is no longer a caterpillar, it is a butterfly and we will set it free.

The children then made caterpillars on strips of poster board with colored pom poms and glue.

Next it was time for clay! We covered the table with canvas and gave everyone a clump of clay, and play dough tools and the children got busy trying to mold it. This was great work for their fine motor skills. They cut it, hammered it, rolled it and used their hands to pull it, and pat it. 

We had a wonderful day in 2B! Very busy and very happy. See you tomorrow!