Today we began the day with animal stencils. The children used dot paints to fill in the images. 

Kian and Elizabeth had a chance to fill their flower pots with soil and seeds. Mom stayed to help!

Debbie read some of the children We're Going On A Bear Hunt.

The class is really enjoying Show and Tell! Today Luca shared a blue race car, Kian passed around a yellow school bus, Elizabeth showed the class a pink and purple necklace and bracelet, Sven brought a watch that flashes, Graydon passed around a model of the Statue of Liberty, and Ava shared a picture she drew.

Some of the children sat down and did their portraits before we went to the gym.

The children got out lots of energy in the gym! They built houses with the blocks and tunnels, and of course rolled balls back and forth.

We returned to the classroom and discussed our new project; caterpillars! There are five caterpillars in a jar in the classroom that will build cocoons and become butterflies. The children all took turns looking at the caterpillars and we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Debbie then did an interesting sensory art project with the class using bright acrylic paints that she squeezed on a big white piece of paper and put between plastic bags the length of the table. She had the children put their hands on the plastic and zoom their hands around not knowing the pattern they were making. After a few minutes they lifted the top layer of plastic off and saw an amazing array of colors that was reminiscent of the butterfly from the book.

The class had a wonderful day! Lots of art and energy! What a great combination. See you in the morning.