This morning the children of 2B traveled by subway to Lincoln Center. We got to hear the Philharmonic Family of Woodwinds. We learned about the oboe, the flute, the french horn, the bassoon and the clarinet. The children were told that the word "dolce" means gentle and "con forza" means strong. They were each given cards with dolce and con forza written on them and were asked to hold up the card when the instruments were played accordingly.

After the concert, the children had a chance to join the musicians on stage and touch the instruments. Everyone was very brave and respectful of one another.

Everyone did a great job listening to their grown up and holding hands on the subway. 

While we were uptown listening to woodwinds and learning about music, Debbie and some of the children stayed at Buckle My Shoe and had a wonderful day in the classroom.

Luke and Cami helped one another play a matching game. They picked cards with either a square, triangle, rectangle, oval, circle or star on it and then put it in the identical box. Later Debbie read a story during snack time.

The children did Show and Tell! Vivi shared a book titled Pinkalicious that her nanny gave to her. Hamish showed off his "New York City" shirt, "Mommy got me the shirt!" And Luke shared his baby ninja turtle, "Michael Angelo." 

Vivi's book inspired a pink themed art project. The children mixed pink water color with shaving cream and started stirring the two together with a spoon. They saw Victoria using her fingers and they all decided to try! Soon the whole group was lathered in pink shaving cream, enjoying a unique sensory experience.

In the gym, the children played together on the swing and used the hoops to play a game of ring toss.

The group did their self portraits while looking at their reflections in the mirror. 

When the rest of the children returned from Lincoln Center some said their goodbyes, some had lunch and then nap. everyone had a full, productive Monday.