What a lovely day

Today I told classroom 2B that being a teacher means that I take care of many children. There is a school that needs me and today would be my last day with classroom 2B. I reassured them that this is not goodbye forever, because if they ever miss me they are welcome to send me pictures (and I will send pictures back!). It was our goal to ensure that this was a positive and happy day for the children.  I am very touched by the lovely card the children made for me. How beautiful! 

The children in classroom 2B are extraordinary children. Compassionate, wildly creative, intelligent, fun and loving children. I love and adore each and every one of them. 


Block building with boxes


In the spirit of our architecture study we are utilizing boxes to see how we can build with them. Luca and Graydon immediately began building with the USPS boxes. Then they gradually began to build in angles. They compromised together by creating tall and small buildings. 

Camille utilized the boxes to create a house! We noticed instead of placing the boxes on top of one another she placed them side by side, as well as, horizontally. 



Camille, Elle and Luke noticed there was a puzzle piece missing inside the rainbow puzzle. They worked together to solve how the pieces fit together. 

Gym time!