Big towers!

We are experimenting with utilizing boxes to create big towers. This idea originated from the children's interest in block building. This is the beginning of a new pathway to our architecture study. Stay tuned!

Puzzles= Problem solving!

Many children in our classroom love puzzles. We notice how calm and focused they become when they are engaged in a puzzle. Puzzles engage the problem solving, logic and mathematics section of the brain. If a child sees a puzzle piece not fitting into a particular space, they turn the puzzle piece around to see if the shape fits.

 "If it doesn't fit this way, lets try it another way."

What type of building do you live in?

Our friends were very proud to share with us the pictures of their own apartment buildings! By seeing everyone's different pictures, they were given the freedom to realize how different buildings are. These pictures will be posted around the classroom for the children to reflect on their own block building and their neighborhood.

* If your little one did not bring in a picture today- no worries at all. We will continue this share out on Thursday. 

Classroom 2B loves to read!...

April Self Portraits

Today we began our monthly self portraits. We noticed such growth since the beginning of the school year! We will continue this work for the rest of the week. 

Gym time!

Water color and Q tips

By painting with Q tips instead of a paint brush, it gives the children a sense of control on the paper.