Science and Sensory: Water table

The water table is always a classroom favorite! Today our friends discovered sea shells inside the table. We noticed the children transforming the sea shells into different objects, such as plates.  Some of our friends wanted to wash the dishes as well :-) Many of our friends wanted to take the sponge on simply observe how sponges absorb and release water. 

Tiny blocks

With their interest of block building in mind, we set out tiny cubes on the table. Our friends organically began building with them. The tiny blocks allow the children to be focused and engaged with the task at hand. The blocks are very light, so they fall easily.  We noticed how much the children went from solitary block building to cooperative play, even with these little blocks. 


Art: Streamer collage

With Spring drawing near, beautiful colors are highlighted in our environment.The children layered crepe paper ( streamers) to create a collage. The more they layered the paper, the more the colors became prominent. 

Morning meeting: Winter transforms into Spring

Today we discussed the difference between winter and spring. Through the use of visuals we discussed that it was winter and now we our environment is transforming into the Spring season. We also read a book called " Growing," by Mo Willems. It is about grass that pop out of the ground and are astonished as to how they grow. In the spring time flowers bloom and grass grow. We will be discussing Spring time more in depth later this week.