The children began the day with water colors on paper and dot paint on a mirror! When each child finished their art, they tried out the sand slime, puzzles, blocks and using the trains.

Today we had soccer with Coach Carolina! She had the children use only their feet to kick the ball into the goals. The children pretended their arms were robot arms by putting the small cones over them. They were good listeners and each got a sticker at the end of our time with the Coach.

The children made art work for the charity Hope and Heroes. The children told Abby and Debbie who they think is a hero. Some said "firefighters" others said "policemen" and, of course Batman, Superman and Spiderman were mention as SUPER heroes. 

The children experimented with different ways to apply paint. Not only with brushes and dot paint, but Debbie had the children use their hands to move paint that was covered by plastic and smear it all over the paper. They also used a technique called "blotting" to move the paint all over a cut out butterfly. When Debbie spread the butterfly wings the children could see how the paint looked.  

Everyone in 2B was very productive and happy on this rainy April day. See you tomorrow.