The children began the day by painting their flower pots! They used pink, blue, green, red, yellow and purple to color the pots and get them ready for planting seeds at the end of the week.

After each child finished painting, Debbie put out "dirt" play dough. The children used butterflies, worms, caterpillars, crickets, spiders and grasshoppers with the play dough. We used the play dough as an opportunity to practice the alphabet. Abby made the play dough into letters and the children identified each one..  

Josie came to the classroom to sing with the children. The children joined her in singing "Wind The Bobbin up", "Roly Poly, Up, Up, Up", "Fish Alive" "The Bean Bag Song" and "Butterfly." They guessed what was inside the bean bag (candy, toys?) and they followed the song directions putting the bean bags on their knees, cheek, high in the sky, towards the floor. Josie handed out scarves so each child could pretend to be a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.

During gym, Debbie had each of the children pose with a friend in the  flower photo booth! Some children were too busy playing with balls and running around to get photographed. 

At circle time some of our friends took turns with Show and Tell. And then we read a story called How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends? The children raised their hands and talked about how friends treat one another; sharing, saying "I'm sorry," holding hands, saying "thank you," taking turns, giving hugs.

Singing with Josie and using play dough was a great way to begine the week.